Delinting machine for tomato seeds


  • Inventors: ZHANG LI
  • Assignees: 张丽
  • Publication Date: January 07, 2015
  • Publication Number: CN-204069673-U


The utility model discloses a delinting machine for tomato seeds, which mainly comprises a rack and a delinting chamber, wherein the delinting chamber is detachably fixed at the upper part of the rack, the delinting chamber comprises a screen drum and a delinting roller, the two side wall surfaces of the screen drum are closed, a feed inlet is arranged above one of the side wall surfaces, a discharge outlet is arranged below the other side wall surface, the feed inlet and the discharge outlet are both communicated with the delinting chamber, the delinting roller is located in the screen drum and coaxially rotates along the screen drum, multiple blades are uniformly distributed at the upper edge of the delinting roller along the circumferential direction, each blade is made of an elastic material and extends along the axis direction of the delinting roller, the length of each blade is not greater than the length of the screen drum, and the top end of each blade is pressed against the inner wall of the screen drum. According to the utility model, the blades are driven to rotate by the delinting roller, so that the friction is formed between each tomato seed and the screen drum, thereby achieving a delinting effect, in such a way, villi on the surfaces of tomato seeds can be effectively removed without damaging the tomato seeds, and the delinting effect of the tomato seeds can be effectively improved, thereby saving the manpower and reducing the cost.




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