Oscillating electric fan capable of automatically tracking human body



The utility model discloses an oscillating electric fan capable of automatically tracking a human body. The oscillating electric fan comprises a common electric fan body, a plurality of annular outward pyroelectric infrared sensors for inducing whether a human body exists or not are arranged in a supporting stand column of the fan body, a central control circuit is arranged in a base of the fan body, an operation panel is arranged on the base, and a stepping motor for oscillating is arranged on the upper portion of the fan stand column. The pyroelectric infrared sensors and the operation panel are connected with an input interface of the central control circuit, the stepping motor is connected with an output interface of the central control circuit, and a main motor is also connected with the output interface of the central control circuit. The oscillating electric fan is high in practicability, the position of the human body is located can be intelligently analyzed through human body infrared induction, the fan can be automatically steered to blow, the fan is convenient to use, and electric energy is saved.




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