Steel structure arch bridge


  • Inventors: ZHENG QUANQING
  • Assignees: 郑全清
  • Publication Date: December 10, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-204000565-U


The utility model relates to arch bridges, particularly to a steel structure arch bridge, which is mainly formed by concreting multiple rows of arch steel frames parallelly arrayed and pouring concrete on the arch steel frames. Each steel frame is formed by splicing a plurality of support boxes along the arch; the cross section of each support box is shaped like a trapezoid with a wider upper bottom and a narrower lower bottom; each support box is divided into a plurality of spaces through diaphragm plates arranged at intervals; and mechanical boxes are mounted inside the spaces. According to the utility model, the steel frames are formed through direct assembly on land, and then are slung to a river channel to be mounted and fixed, so that the construction efficiency is improved, and the construction process is safer; the support boxes with the wider upper bottoms and the narrower lower bottoms are connected and positioned into the arched arch bridge, and the precision is higher.




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