Nickel mesh plating bath



The utility model discloses a nickel mesh plating bath. The nickel mesh plating bath comprises an inner bath (1) and an outer bath (2), wherein the inner bath (1) is arranged inside the outer bath (2); after the inner bath (1) is fully filled with a liquid, the liquid overflows to the outer bath (2); the outer bath (2) is externally connected with a hydraulic pump (7); the hydraulic pump (7) is connected with the inner bath (1) and the outer bath (2) respectively; the liquid in the outer bath (2) is pumped into the inner bath (1); the inner surface of the inner bath (2) is coated with lint (3); a plurality of lint bags are arranged between the lint (3) and the inner bath (2); nickel beads are arranged inside the lint bags. A nickel mesh produced by the nickel mesh plating bath is more uniform in mesh holes and better in quality; in the production process, constant temperature cycle can be achieved and waste of the liquid is avoided.




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