Capping head



The utility model discloses a capping head. The capping head comprises a capping gear ring, a limiting ring and a connection piece, wherein the limiting ring is arranged on the outer side of the capping gear ring in a sleeving manner and the upper end of the limiting ring is connected with a capping machine by the connection piece; a first annular groove is formed in an outer wall of the capping gear ring and the capping gear ring is equally divided into a plurality of tooth sections along the peripheral direction; a first limiting groove is formed in an outer wall of each tooth section; the inner wall of the limiting ring is provided with a limiting block matched with the first limiting groove; the limiting block is provided with a groove communicated with the first annular groove; a second annular groove communicated with the first annular groove and the groove is formed in an outer wall of the limiting ring; the first annular groove is internally provided with an elastic fastening ring for fixing the capping gear ring. According to the capping head, a bottle cap is clamped by the elastic fastening ring and the elastic fastening ring is uniformly stressed and is not easy to break, so that the service life of the capping head is prolonged.




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