Vehicle-mounted DVD (digital video disk) device



The utility model discloses a vehicle-mounted DVD (digital video disk) device which comprises two DVD hosts which are arranged inside a central controlling table of a vehicle in parallel, a displayer is connected to each DVD host through video cables, the two displayers are respectively arranged inside head pillows of two front row seats, elastic pieces are arranged between the DVD hosts and the central controlling table of the vehicle, the elastic pieces comprise hollow columns which are respectively and fixedly connected with the DVD hosts and the central controlling table of the vehicle, axial openings are formed in the hollow columns, rubber inner cores fill the hollow columns, the hollow columns are connected through a bending piece, a plurality of springs are evenly arranged between the two DVD hosts, rubber sleeves are arranged on the outer sides of the springs, and the rubber sleeves are in interference fit with the springs. The vehicle-mounted DVD device can overcome the disadvantages in the prior art, the existing installing structure is used to make improvement according to the installing characteristics of the two DVD hosts, and the shock resistance of a vehicle-mounted DVD is greatly improved.




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