Feeding mechanism for sausage casings



The utility model relates to a feeding mechanism for sausage casings. The feeding mechanism comprises a working table and a filling pipe. The feeding mechanism is characterized by further comprising a sliding support movably arranged on the working table, sliding grooves are formed in the working table, movable parts capable of moving in the sliding grooves are installed on the sliding support, a push-pull rod is hinged to the sliding support, the push-pull rod is one part of a power source and can push the sliding support to move, the filling pipe is arranged on the sliding support, and a feeding pipe communicated with the filling pipe is also arranged on the sliding support. The push-pull rod pushes the sliding support to move, and the filling pipe moves along with the sliding support and is pushed and pulled by a mechanical mechanism, so that automation is realized, and the production efficiency is improved; besides, the feeding pipe is communicated with and moves along with the filling pipe, so that raw materials in the filling pipe are prevented from spilling, and cleanliness is kept.




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