LED (Light Emitting Diode) display module front-assembling structure


An LED (Light Emitting Diode) display module front-assembling structure comprises a box body, a bottom case, multiple fixing posts and a PCB (Printed Circuit Board) lamp plate. The box body comprises a back plate and side plates, and multiple back fixing holes are formed in the back plate. The bottom case comprises a framework and a support arm; a first opening and a second opening, both of which are aligned with each other are formed in the support arm; an isolation board is arranged between the first opening and the second opening; a first through hole for running through the first opening and the second opening and having the pore diameter smaller than that of the first opening is formed in the isolation board. The multiple fixing posts are contained in the second opening and fixed at the positions of the back fixing holes of the box body by screws. The PCB lamp plate is provided with multiple front maintenance holes for aligning with the first opening; one screw after penetrating each front maintenance hole, the first hole and the first through hole is screwed into each fixing post so as to fix the bottom case to the box body. Disassembly of single LED display module can be finished by using a hexagon wrench from the front of the LED display module, so that the LED display module front-assembling structure is relatively convenient to use.




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