Quick connection type valve seat of electromagnetic valve


  • Inventors: YUE YONGBIN
  • Assignees: 岳勇斌
  • Publication Date: December 03, 2014
  • Publication Number: CN-203979559-U


The utility model discloses a quick connection type valve seat of an electromagnetic valve. The valve seat comprises a coil fixing seat, wherein a water inlet and a water outlet in the perpendicular directions are formed in the lower part of the coil fixing seat; the water inlet is horizontally outwards formed; the water outlet is perpendicularly downwards formed; the water inlet and the water outlet are quick insertion connection type straight tubes. A fixed hanger is integrally formed on one side of the coil fixing seat; mounting lugs are arranged on the two sides of the fixed hanger in an outwards protruding manner and are arranged in a staggered manner in the vertical direction. According to the utility model, the water inlet and the water outlet are formed in a perpendicular manner, and on the premise of meeting the best using angle of the electromagnetic valve, centralized installation of multiple valve seats on the vertical plane is facilitated; the mounting lugs on the fixed hanger integrally formed with the coil fixing seat are arranged in the staggered manner, so that the cost is reduced, additional influences of the fixed hanger on installation space are further reduced, and when multiple valve seats are mounted side by side, the relative position is the most compact, and the maximum space is saved.




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