Beam-pumping unit



The utility model provides a beam-pumping unit which comprises a base, a rack, a support, a crank, a drive device and a walking beam. Both the rack and the support are arranged on the base. The drive device is arranged on the rack. The output end of the drive device is connected with a first gearbox. The output end of the first gearbox is connected with a driving gear. A second gearbox is arranged on the rack. The input end of the second gearbox is provided with a driven gear matched with the driving gear. The crank is arranged on an output shaft of the second gearbox. A connection rod is hinged to the crank. The other end of the connection rod is hinged to one end of the walking beam. The other end of the walking beam is provided with a horse head. The walking beam is hinged to the support. A shock absorber is arranged at the connection position of the walking beam and the support. The beam-pumping unit is simple in structure, convenient to use and install, simple in operation, low in cost, high in working efficiency, low in energy consumption, wide in application range, long in service life, safe and reliable, the frequency of stroke is reduced effectively, and adopted production requirements are met.




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