Automatic filtering device for solid catalyst in flavor synthesis



The utility model discloses an automatic filtering device for a solid catalyst in flavor synthesis. The automatic filtering device comprises a nitrogen making system, a pressurized nitrogen inlet, and a backwash nitrogen inlet, wherein the pressurized nitrogen inlet is connected to the upper end of a reaction kettle through a flange; the upper end of the reaction kettle is connected to a reaction solvent overhead tank through a pipeline; a node between the reaction kettle and the reaction solvent overhead tank is connected with a pipeline pump through a pipeline; the pipeline pump is connected with the lower part of a precision filter through a pipeline; the bottom end of the precision filter is connected with the bottom of the reaction kettle through a pipeline; and the upper end of the precision filter is connected to the upper part of a reaction liquid temporary storage tank through a pipeline. According to the automatic filtering device, the technological process is shortened, clean production is achieved, the filtering operation can be continuously carried out within a relatively long period of time, the filtering accuracy is high, the product quality is ensured, frequent manual switching operation and heavy filter cleaning work are reduced, and unnecessary shutdown is avoided, so that expensive catalysts are protected, the single-batch operation cycle of a production device is shortened, and the production cost is lowered.




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